Happily Ever After Begins Here

Happily Ever After Begins Here

It is the season for weddings. The next three months are, not surprisingly, the most popular months in New Zealand to get married, with Saturday being the most popular day for a wedding. No matter what the date, it can be the most all-consuming, stressful and exhilarating time for the bride-to-be in the months leading up to their big day. Every bit of project management knowledge and experience is used in preparing and coordinating that one-day. Having gone through it myself, I remember, seriously considering adding the experience to my resume for future jobs!

Amongst the many things that need to be organised, I’d like to draw your attention, to what Country Home and Crafts can offer to assist in making the wedding day one the guests; and most importantly the bride and groom, will treasure for the rest of their lives.

Depending on the look and colour scheme of the wedding, we have a generous range of floral, 100% cotton fabrics, which would look amazing as tablecloths or used to tie bows around the ceremony and reception chairs. You could also purchase a variety of fat quarter sized (50 x 55cm) fabrics and make a fabric bunting to provide that rustic, vintage feel to the occasion.

A similar bunting could also be made with Tilda’s paper craft collection (Mini Patterned Paper Pad). I did something similar for my wedding and hung the bunting across the reception bridal table. Although I made paper bows, the normal triangular flags would look just as wonderful.

With Tilda’s Paper craft collection (Patterned Paper Pad shown in the image below), cones can be made to hold the graffiti or flower/rose petals for the guests to throw over the bride and groom at the end of the ceremony.

Whenever I catch a glimpse of Country Home and Crafts collection of ribbons, the word ‘ethereal’ comes to mind. Whatever the ribbon you select, it would look so pretty wrapped around the wedding cake and used wrapped around the wedding flower bouquets.

For the guests attending the wedding, both the ribbons and fabrics wrapped around a plain straw hat can transform it in an instant!

 Lastly, one of my favourite accessories are the decorative pegs, these can be used for so many things and can add such a personal charming touch to the wedding décor. I envisage a rustic wooden board with natural hessian twine running along it with fun photos of the couple leading up their wedding day using the decorative pegs to attach the photos to the twine. You could also use the pegs to attach guest nametags to the table settings.

I look back on my wedding day as one that I will treasure always and I think that’s how it should be. My best wishes go out to all the upcoming brides’ and grooms’ out there and the lucky guests. Hope I’ve provided some inspiration to make your day extra special.

My vision for my blog page is to showcase various products I’m selling on and sharing with you ideas to inspire you to create and may be even provide inspiration to try making something you haven’t done before. I want this to be an open forum for you to share your ideas too. And, most importantly, I want you to share photos of what you’ve made using Country Home and Crafts products. So please tell me your ideas and send me photos of what you’ve made!

 Happy Shopping! Talk to you soon.

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