Tilda Sunkiss

Tilda Sunkiss

The Tilda Sunkiss series has just arrived into Country Home and Crafts store. It's a gorgeous vibrant collection made up of fabrics that will brighten up your home. The collection is inspired by bright turquoise water, beautiful flowers, colourful corals and anemones waving with the current.

Tilda Sunkiss Fabrics

It is perfect fabric for sewing pillows, cushions, quilts, beach/shopping bags and clothing.

Tilda Sunkiss Fabrics Tilda Sunkiss Fabrics 

Tilda Sunkiss Fabrics

As well as a stunning collection of fabrics there are also cute sewing kits including, the Sweet Mermaid Kit, the Starfish Kit and a Mini Whale Kit. These kits include materials and instructions.

Tilda Sweet Mermaid Kit Tilda Sweet Mermaid Kit

Tilda Starfish Kit Tilda Mini Whales Kit

The Sunkiss Whale Quilt pattern is a fun summer quilt covered with colourful patchwork whales.

Tilda Sunkiss Whale Quilt Pattern Tilda Sunkiss Whale Quilt Pattern

The 23mm Sunkiss Buttons are an exquisite addition to the collection and would add a spectacular finish to any sewing project.

Tilda Sunkiss Buttons

Hope you've enjoyed viewing my latest fabrics and crafts. Please remember, if you require more information on any of the products I talk about on my blog or on my website, don't hesitate to contact me, I'm only to happy to help.

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