Summertime Sunshine and Cardigans

Summertime Sunshine and Cardigans

When we think of summer, we think of the outdoors, blue skys, longer days, vibrant flowers in full bloom and picnics. Surrounding ourselves with bright, cheerful colourful fabrics can put you in the right spirit.

Tula Pink is a brand that comes to mind instantly, as well as others, that make you think of the Summertime. (The Tula Pink fabric shown below are all 100% cotton). If you look closely at this fabric, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you see, especially the fabric shown below on the bottom right.

Tula Pink Chipmunk - Raspberry Tula Pink Chipmunk - Mint

Tula Pink Slow & Steady Blue Raspberry Tula Pink Amethyst

It’s a busy time with the kids still on their school holidays, there’s some tidying up you want to do but you don’t know where to start. Country Home and Crafts have ornate patterned/decorative boxes that come in packs of three (each a different size and design). Great for tidying up paperwork and odds and ends and look great placed anywhere in your home.

Tilda Pardon My Garden Patterned Boxes Tilda Sweetheart Patterned Boxes

Or…if you feel like doing something a bit more crafty, you could revamp a plain cardboard box (such as a shoebox) by covering it in self adhesive patterned fabric sheets. The self-adhesive patterned fabric sheets come in packs of 3, each roll has a different design. They are an A3 size so they'd also be useful for covering books and folders.

Autumntree Self-Adhesive Patterned Fabric Sheets Sweetheart Self-Adhesive Patterned Fabric Sheets  Pardon My Garden Self-Adhesive Patterned Fabric Sheets  Cabbage Rose Self-Adhesive Patterned Fabric Sheets  Memory Lane Self-Adhesive Patterned Fabric Sheets

Although we love the idea of a warm summers day, you have to admit, it is a rarity in New Zealand! It’s not often we can leave the house without quickly grabbing that good old reliable, goes with everything, cardigan, just in case. Before we start heading towards the cooler months of Autumn, why not give that cardie a new lease on life with Country Home and Crafts range of delightful cotton fabric covered buttons. I love these buttons and I think you and your cardie (jacket or coat) will too! We have a variety of buttons that range in colour and size from as small as 17mm to as large as 25mm. Please look at our full range of buttons by clicking on the link below.

Cabbage Rose Buttons 17mm Cabbage Rose Buttons 20mm Cabbage Rose Buttons 25mm

My vision for my blog page is to showcase various products I’m selling on and sharing with you ideas to inspire you to create and may be even provide inspiration to try making something you haven’t done before. I want this to be an open forum for you to share your ideas too. And, most importantly, I want you to share photos of what you’ve made using Country Home and Crafts products. So please tell me your ideas and send me photos of what you’ve made!

Happy Shopping! Talk to you soon.

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