Introducing Sophie Allport's Stylish Range of Home and Lifestyle Products

Introducing Sophie Allport's Stylish Range of Home and Lifestyle Products

It’s a been a hectic few weeks from a personal perspective. We’ve just returned from an overseas trip visiting close family and as much as I’ve struggled with the jetlag, I’ve had to get over it quickly with the influx of new stock arriving daily. There are so many amazing new products I wish to tell you about, it’s difficult to choose where to start and what to focus on!

I have to admit, it has been lovely to come home to some warm summery weather for a change. My 2 year old constantly wants to go outside and play in the garden, it’s all he ever wants to do so having warm summer days is a big plus.

Spending so much time in the garden makes me think about my new product category, Home and Lifestyle, which includes a brand that I’ve imported from the UK, Sophie Allport. As well as bringing some exquisite homeware products in the Highland Stag, Hare and Pets collection, there is also the Gardening collection. I highly recommend you view the Sophie Allport range on my online store, the products are fantastic quality, so stylish and most importantly very practical for around your home. They also make excellent gifts! I don’t know about you but for me personally, I always struggle to know what to give people for gifts and I don’t think you could ever go wrong with any of the products from this homeware range. 

Sophie Allport’s Gardening collection fabric features bunnies, wheel barrows, cabbages, watering cans and small green seedlings on a pale cabbage green coloured background. In this collection we have useful homewares such as oven mitts, pot grabs, tea tidies, aprons, noticeboards, peg bags, tea towels and for the keen gardener, a handy seed tin, a very practical waterproof pruning bag and garden kneeler. 

We have similar homewares in the Highland Stag and Hare collection but also included are lovely table mats, table runners and roller hand towels and I have to make mention of the gorgeous ironing board cover in the Hare collection.

For a stylish fashion statement to complement any outfit are the scarves made of 75% wool and 15% silk to provide that extra bit of warmth as the temperatures drop in the evening.


Moving onto another new delivery, is Lewis & Irene’s Grandma’s Garden collection of fabric that has just arrived. I adore this collection of 15 different fabrics, which features beautiful, bright floral gardens, red poppies, cute garden gnomes, cats, wishing wells, birdhouses, bees and butterflies on light cream, lilac, pink, dark grey and blue fabric.

We’re constantly surrounded and reminded of change, it’s part of life and I was reminded of that the other day looking at my website homepage. I was surprisingly happy to feel the desperate need to update and refresh my homepage as it’s a good sign my business is heading in the right direction and that where my business was two months ago is now in different place, a positive reminder that nothing is ever stagnant.

Enjoy viewing the new products at Country Home and Crafts. Happy shopping and have a lovely weekend.

My vision for my blog page is to showcase various products I’m selling on and sharing with you ideas to inspire you to create and may be even provide inspiration to try making something you haven’t done before. I want this to be an open forum for you to share your ideas too. And, most importantly, I want you to share photos of what you’ve made using Country Home and Crafts products. So please tell me your ideas and send me photos of what you’ve made!

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