Animal Cuteness Everywhere

Animal Cuteness Everywhere

Have to admit, I’ve always loved animals but I’m particularly drawn to anything that has a rabbit, hare or squirrel on it at the moment. Whenever I mention the idea of getting a pet rabbit, my husband laughs reminding me of the fact we own a beagle, Charlie, and that he would love it, more than what we’d like to think! So as my hopes of owning a rabbit vanish rapidly, I can at least enjoy stocking fabrics and craft accessories that I hold dear to my heart.

With Christmas and the New Year celebrations now a distant memory, it’s often right around this time we get a fright when we see Easter Eggs and hot cross buns already on display and selling at our local supermarket. It really does feel far too soon! But I guess for those quilters and crafty types out there, it’s probably the perfect time to start thinking about projects you’d like to create for the Easter holiday period whether it’s something decorative for around the home or a gift for loved ones. It’s good to start pondering ideas now so it’s not all a mad rush nearer the time.

To kickstart the creative process, I’ve selected some precious products suitable for the occasion.

Our adorable sewing kit sets would make a lovely gift or you could make and display in your home. These kits are designed for any level of experience and contain all the materials you need.

Tilda Patchwork Rabbit Kit Tilda Patchwork Squirrel Kit

The following fabrics would look amazing with any Easter craft project and could be something as simple as lining a basket and filling it with Easter Eggs......

Dear Stella - Foxtail Forest Collection Dear Stella - Foxtail Forest Collection
Lewis & Irene - Enchanted Forest on Cream Lewis & Irene - Bunny Tunnels on Earth Lewis & Irene - Fairy Houses on Light Biscuit
Tilda Forest Carmine Red Tilda Forest Slate Blue
Tilda Rabbit Roses Teal Tilda Rabbit Roses Slate

.....and tying decorative ribbon around the basket handle.

Thula Lilac Ribbon 45mm Forest Green Ribbon 30mm
Sewn Spot Blue Ribbon 30mm Spot Red Ribbon 30mm 

Hope I’ve provided a little inspiration, please share your ideas - What are you planning to make this Easter?

My vision for my blog page is to showcase various products I’m selling on and sharing with you ideas to inspire you to create and may be even provide inspiration to try making something you haven’t done before. I want this to be an open forum for you to share your ideas too. And, most importantly, I want you to share photos of what you’ve made using Country Home and Crafts products. So please tell me your ideas and send me photos of what you’ve made!

 Happy Shopping! Talk to you soon.

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